Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer's Serenity

Summer is here and along with it a chance to get outside and enjoy the peace


Of a sunset kayak cruise with a little buddy



Or the serenity of a misty morning

The beauty of my snowball tree on bloom

This was started from a sapling my mother gave to me 30 years ago that she took from her tree that started as a sapling from her mothers tree. It is gorgeous! I wish I had someone to hand down the tradition but will enjoy the tree and think of my mom and grandmother Hathaway whenever it blooms.


Back to quilts - the kayak and serenity mist were finished this week. I traced my own feet for the kayak one and yes my feet are kinda wierd looking but whose feet aren't really?


The mist is put on with white fabric paint in a bouncing motion with a big brush. I had the dog hairless at first and kept looking at it and felt it needed something. So last night I was feeling brave

And gave him some fur


It doesn't show up that great on the light background - here's the back


The quilting shows well on the back :-)

Enjoy the summer and quilt on!


  1. Oh my gosh! This is the best post! I love the back of that quilt. And the snowball tree. It is a wonderful piece of your family. It is not something we have here in the South, but I think it is beautiful.

  2. These are great! The angle on both the dog one and the feet one really draws you in and makes you feel like summer. Lovely!

  3. what a lovely connection with the snowball tree. LeeAnna

  4. Definitely conjures up lazy hazy days of summer! LOVE the dog!