Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh yeah, Lutradur melts :-/

I painted my lutradur blue

Found a bright green felt and the look is cool, sort of a mottled thing going on

Sewing down the face

Needle felting - works beautifully on the lutradur

And here I made the big mistake learning experience. I know lutradur melts easily, that is one of the things people like about it. So I get the bright idea to make a border - inner and outer. Of course you need to iron said border when in the making. I was careful to use a pressing cloth ......... But ......



So carefully cut out the head and put it on a cotton background that has a fairly loose weave since I want to do more needle felting after I put on the border.

This morning I left it on the sewing machine unattended and my dog Zu Zu grabbed it and started playing with it - flailing it about. Luckily the head was sewn onto the border enough that there was minimal damage just some of the wool came out. I'm trying not to show you to much of this little shit sheep since it is a gift for a friend who wanted one I had made awhile back named sweet pea but it sold on etsy before she could get it.

I will show you the astounding results next week :-)

Yes Jean this one's for you :-)



  1. you say mistake, I say awesome texture... tomato tomahto. Leeanna

  2. Sorry your dog mess with your work! My dog has done the same!

  3. Oh my! it is wonderful, what I can see of it. And Zu Zu must be communicating with McGee. I have taken about 6 things out of his mouth already today!