Friday, May 15, 2015

Poseidons Sky


This FMQ design makes a great sky. It's basically Leah days posiendens eye design with some McTavishing thrown in. The swirls look better with the middle a closed circle, which is what you're supposed to do with posiedens eye (as in the swirl top left). As you can see my quilting on this one is far from perfect but it still works. This is very forgiving - who's to say which way the wind is blowing or how?


Try it on your next sky :-)


Linking up with Nina today


  1. You sky is perfect for the whale's tails! I love the combination of two styles of stitching.

  2. Great use of these designs for a sky pattern! Really like the quilt, whales and elephants are my favorite wild animals.

  3. Clear-air turbulence?? :) I'll have to try it - it looks good!

  4. I have used something similar on some of my skies...having learned it from Linda Kemshall. Great minds think alike! :-)

    P.S. Your mauve sky is wonderful in that piece!