Friday, September 25, 2015

Late September update


The weather around here has been so nice, I haven't gotten a lot of quilting done but here it is

So last weeks post I was trying to decide if I should add something on the left side of this mountain landscape. Ended up putting on rock of a different fabric and it works so that is finished.

And I'm starting another for a local woman who contacted me thru etsy. She wants a quilt of her friends new house. I decided to quilt the background first because there will be two porches and little fiddly bits on the house so the background is better quilted without having to skip over stuff.


This is where the house will be.


And look what the mailman brought me today!

My favorite Isacord thread - the big ones - yippee!

I spent my day off yesterday hiking in a beautiful wilderness area with a friend and 5 dogs.

So much fun! My favorite thing to do and it was sunny and 70 - perfection.


Here is the lovely Summer

Hope you all had a good week and can get out to enjoy the cooler temps :-)



  1. LOL> Is she tolling or trolling? joke, sorry

  2. Carol, oh my goodness, that finished quilt is incredibly beautiful. I keep going back to look at it. Just stunning. Good call on quilting the background on the second one--I need to start doing that in certain instances myself. Gorgeous waterfall shot; will it become a quilt I wonder...? :)

  3. just found your blog via not afraid of color. i want to be you when i grow up. love what i have seen. I felt a tiny zing when i started scrolling down the page. thank you for being here and leeann for knowing you. i just retired and want to do fabric art and quilting you are just the inspiration i need.