Friday, October 2, 2015

House quilt continues

I'm still working on the commissioned house quilt this week. I showed the starting of it last week.


This is the photo she gave me. She said the house is more red than in the photo.


From the photo I made the pattern - I showed you last week how I quilted the background first.

Now I've added the house, a rail fence and a little guiding in the background. These elements are in another photo she gave me. I have quilted the foreground grassy hill and am doing the binding next. She wants to add some 3-D "stuff" which is right up my alley so will play with that next.


I found these on my walk yesterday


So I threw them in a cup of diluted green paint

Don't they look like trees to you?

Hopefully I can sew them on the quilt without them falling apart.

Next week I will show the finish.

In the meantime I am off to waste spend some time at Keepsake Quilting - the free shipping no minimum draws me in every time. I love their Bali medleys.

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  1. Once again, you have created a fabulous piece of art! It is so beautiful and so like the photo.

    One of the things I learned in my fiber group was to take the natural pieces and put a coat of shellac or some sealant on them. that not only protects the items but also the quilt in the oils of the natural items as they decay over time.

    I have done that with bark from the River Birch trees. The bark peels back and flakes off in the most beautiful ways!

  2. Your house quilt is already a beauty! I will come back to see it finiished. Love what you did with the green paint.

  3. Love the fabric you chose for the sky!

  4. bwaaahahahaha they do look like trees. Fantastic