Friday, October 23, 2015

Its up to us to save the landscape of our lives

 Two finishes as promised!

We must do something about all the crap we throw away in the trash. I think those plastic water bottles people buy should be banned as well as those plastic garbage bags that I do admit that I use because I forget a cloth bag although if they didn't have them at all I probablly would remember if it meant carrying by groceries to my car one at a time.

anyway, this mini art quilt is mounted on a 12"x12"stretched canvas and the wording was printed on fabric and then quilted as well. they are both attached to the canvas with velcro. Doesn't that cheap Joannes batik fabric look like the world? Do you think it should be alittle darker or purpler? comments welcome :-)

And this lovely landscape - free of trash and debris - notice no trash bags floating in the water like in the ocean, killing all the fish?

This one is about 14" x 12" - mountains and ground turned under and the rest fusible applique. The distant trees were leftover from another project already cut, the mirror image of whatever it was they were cut from. If it's got fusible on it, I always save the pieces as they can usually be used. The little canoe is a button and the bottom of the trees have a little yarn that I single crocheted to look like a bush. Very peaceful, don't cha think?


Every once in awhile I feel the need to piece. As you know applique is my thing but sometimes a girl just has to sit and sew and sew and sew and sew. I came across this falling charms which uses charm packs (those cute little packages of matching prints cut 5" square). I have a couple that were gifted to me and they do make it easy to piece.

Missouri Quilt company has a tutorial if you are interested.
even thouth this is sort of a no brainer, sewing wise it always helps to have layout so here it is. and if you this and really want to not have to think, when you put it together think for the light part and L and a 7. See, it's just L and 7 over and over - easy peasy!

here is the video 

AND last but not least look at this beautiful modern quilt that my friend Glen from the famous Quilts and Dogs blog made and won an honorable mention for at her quilt guild.
She even did the binding different colors where the black changes to white. She has a tutorial on how she did that here.
I read it over quickly and she scared the begeesis out of me using the B (bias) word but I should really learn to do it.
Anyway congratulations to her for a ribbon. She hardly mentions it at all on her blog post  - her being so shy, modest and unassuming. :-)

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  1. well, thank you so very much for the shout out about my marvelous win! I am still stoked about the win!

    I owuld say that color is fine behind the world piece. It seems to be in the same tone, which would be more important than the intensity of the color. Now, the colors could be off in my monitor, so you really have to be the judge of that.

    On NPR I heard a report about recycling. I won't tell you what they said! Just keep on recycling.......I was shocked myself. But who really knows....... I am going to keep on recycling.