Friday, October 16, 2015

WIP Friday

I'm working on 3 projects in different stages of completion. Only sneak peaks this week but I promise I will have at least two done by next week to show you.

The back of a small landscape just sewing the binding on by hand. Love those clover clips!



Another tiny one, and not sure where to go after that but will decide after the facing is on.

A crow is outlines with black stitching and now I play with my inktense pencils. Haven't added any water or gel yet. It will be much darker but like to add color slowly.



A lot of my time has been spent enjoying the last of the fall foliage and trying to keep up with my dogs.

You don't see ZuZu because she runs around so much it's hard to get a photo.


"Come on, let's move it!"

(My personal trainer)



  1. You are ways working on something so interesting! And yes, I need a personal trainer like that. Oh, wait, I have a few, what is need is FALL!!! LOL, no not THAT kind, the COOL kind!

  2. the small works are just touching and beautiful. Nice job. Now get out there and walk for barking out loud. LeeAnna

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