Friday, October 9, 2015

House construction finish

Check my last two posts here and here for progress on this house quilt. I didn't end up using the painted cones. After adding the yarn, they just didn't go.

Ended up with " pumpkin buttons"

I did use cut up driftwood for the fence posts, sewing them on by hand.


This yarn bunch makes a nice flower bush.

All in all I like how the house quilt came out but after working on it for three weeks I am thrilled to move on to other things. Raining today so started a simple landscape and another small one involving a hand holding something. More on those next week :-)


We are in peak foliage season right now here in Vermont. I hope you can get out and enjoy the last joys and beauty of fall this week end.



  1. You get an A++++++! It is just beautiful. I am sure they will love it so.

    Maybe next year we will get a chance to see the colors in your area. I have wanted to for several years now.

  2. This is lovely! I especially love the fence- it adds lots of depth and texture!

  3. This has a lot of character: I like the fence posts and the pumpkin buttons a lot.

  4. This is terrific and and I love all your finishing touches.

  5. Beautiful, I especially love the sky. And is that a piece of burlap you used for the gate? Fall is definitely creeping in, it's so beautiful but followed by all that darn cold and snow...

  6. I really like this piece, love all the details, thanks for sharing!