Friday, October 30, 2015

Graffiti quilting

I heard about this on Facebook and found a tutorial on it here. It's basically like zentangles but with arrows angles and straight lines thrown in. Great FMQ practice and using white fabric and black thread if you screw it up there is only minimal cost wasted (besides your time but then any practice is valuable, especially when you screw it up) lesson learned and all that.

I thought I had pictures of my first attempts but I deleted them. Let's just say they were the screw ups learning experiences. Finally I felt confident and made a good one that I made into a journal cover.


Here's the front


The back




I always make a closing tab for my journal covers and close with Velcro but then sew on the button for show. I have a pattern for sale on craftsy for journal covers here if anyone is interested ($4.00)



This is a pumpkin we made at work using things found around the housekeeping and maintenance departments. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!



1 comment:

  1. I love Bernie! How clever!

    Also love your journal cover. they are unbelievable! I need to do some, yes. Maybe that will make me want to get busy this morning! LOL

    I have a tip for you! get some childrens washable crayola markers. they will come out with a wash in the sink after you finish. but they may help you with design and placement in the beginning.