Friday, November 6, 2015


Works in progress this week


Quilting a red winged blackbird in front of a moon. Blackbird is inktense pencils. There is more to this quilt that will be revealed upon finishing but I wanted to show you the quilting of the moon. McTavishing works really well on moons ;-)


Finished piecing the tumbling charms. That flowered fabric on the right will be the backing. Quilting may take me awhile even though I'm sure I will do something easy and basic but that means boring and I tend to put those projects on the backburner but we shall see. I am listening to a good audiobook right now called the Kraken Project so it just may get done. How should I quilt this though - I'm thinking just meander in the white but the colored squares? What color thread would you use?

And a small, really small notebook cover. This will be folded in half so the notes will be on the front and the pencil on the back.


We are enjoying a streak of warm weather for November and sun which is unheard of for us in Dreadvember. Usually dark and dreadful - this year so far it's been divine! I wish that was me in the kayak but I was gazing at the glorious ness of the lake and sunset the other evening (or late afternoon, really since sun sets around 4:45pm) and just wanted to share



  1. I would do a nice quilted path in a rainbow variegated thread! Do that make that? they should. I need to make a journal cover like that. they are wonderful!

    You do the BEST moons!

  2. Your blackbird has me singing! That might or might not be a good thing. I'm glad you're having a pleasant November.

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