Tuesday, November 10, 2015

140 prompts -learning to draw

I've been learning to draw for a while now here and there doing sketches but not enough to do it right and actually learn and get better. So when I saw on the Craftsy Blog that they gave a list of 140 prompts (words to give you an idea to draw whatever comes to your mind from that word) well I thought this might be the jump start I need. I know that an online art quilter and artist, LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color has recently been doing alot of drawing so I asked if she would want to do the prompts too and share our drawings. Doing something like this with another like minded person keeps you on track and I've found it to be just the thing I needed. LeeAnna teaches and she asks me what I liked about the drawing and what I would do differently which is a great way to look at a sketch.
So here is what I've done so far

This is Grow - I've always wanted to do a quilt like this, which is why I wanted to try the rings as spirals (easier to do in thread) and I think it's ok ..... but not to thrilled. I like how the outside bark came out but am thinking the circles would be better than the spiral and the colors should be more varied. 
 this is bloom - I drew this from a photo I cropped and I like the middle fuzzy part but the triangle middle doesn't look right somehow. The shading is good but the color to faded looking. I would use paint instead of pencils next time.
 This is flutter - I thought of a flag but had no clue on how to draw one so found this you tube video and it gave me an Ah! Ha! moment. It shows how you draw first a curvy wave like line (the bottom) and draw lines straight up and go from there. easy peasy!

 I didn't do the stars because I was originally going to paint it and it would have been to hard to get all those little stars in there so left it. Spent the time drawing the eagle. He is kind of squat and not very regal eagle looking but for my first hand drawn eagle - not to bad. I watched another you tube video to learn how to draw him.
Since I was so jazzed about learning that curved flying in the breeze thing I thought I should try a curtain fluttering in the breeze. So here is that. I like how the curain can out. It took me a few tries to get the curves going in the right direction. The open window didn't come out very good though. I tried to follow the perspective horizon line and all that but it looks off somehow.

I will be posting my drawing progress hopefully once a week and will still do my quilting projects on friday. If you want to practice your sketching / drawing skills join us!
the craftsy blog post is here with the prompts in case you are interested


  1. well, I like all three. Gotta watch the video, because that curvy fluttering curtain thing is worth learning! LeeAnna

  2. I really like the curtain. And that flower is excellent! The eagle might need some help! LOL