Monday, November 16, 2015

140 prompts - fountain, nest, zig zag

I'm still drawing :-}
the words or prompts last week were 
I drew this while on the phone or similiar down time at work and is done with only the office supplies at hand - who needs a whole art supply store (yes, I know we do need it) I used pencil, regular ballpoint pen and a yellow and blue highlighter pen.
last spring I was obsessed with watching a live eagle cam of an eagles nest and the little eaglets as babies.I like how they look kind of fluffly but not happy with the nest itself. I tried out watercolors on this one and had fun playing with them.

 zig zag - Mondrian style
Have you ever heard of Piet Mondrian? He was a dutch painter back in the late 1800's, early 1900's and he evolved a non-representational form of art which he termed neoplasticism. From what I can tell he painted straight black lines on a white background and then colored in some with primary colors.

  this is one of his

very simple but pleasing in an odd sort of way

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  1. the moment I saw zigzag I thought, mondrian!
    I did zigzag, it doesn't look great in a photo but gave me an idea for a quilt series, so it doesn't owe me any money! LeeAnna