Tuesday, November 24, 2015

140 prompts - spring, lush, daydream

More sketching - I am learning alot and getting better I think and finding this most enjoyable even though it's taking time from my quilting life. But really alot of these can and will be used as art quilt ideas down the road, maybe.

Spring - pencil, pen, hightlighter pens, crayon
(you use what ya got) - 

Lush - I've always wanted to learn to draw leaves that curl and you can see the underside. this one took alot of practice but I love it - I found a guy on you tube that is a really good recource for learning to draw who helped me with this. here it is

If you are interested in learning to draw I suggest his videos - excellent!

and last but not least - what I do when I am sketching


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