Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I found these huge acorn caps the other day- mostly the double ones.

 The Squirrels took all the bottoms but I can make those!

 I made these little fabric acorns. How cute are they!
Here is how I did it.
(sorry I didn't take any pics while in the process but you can get the drift.)

I made a circle of fabric about 2 1/2 inches in diameter, did a running stitch by hand, gathered it up and stuffed with fiberfill. then tacked it down closed tight. You could now glue that into the cap now and be done with it but oh no! I had to do more. I wanted to be able to hang it or stick it somewhere.
So to go that route you need to resist the temptation to glue the fabric to the acorn first. I know it's hard, you want to see the fabric acorn cuteness but hold on!

You will need a little magnet. and a thin piece of ribbon or twine.  Make a simple bag to fit the magnet  but first fold the ribbon in half and lay it between the two fabric pieces for the bag- you know how to do the bag - by sewing 3 sides, right sides together. turn inside out and fold the unsewn edge inside.  The ribbon should be laying with the fold just peeking out of the opposite side of the unsewn edge. The tails of the ribbon would hang out thru that edge you will now be sewing. You really need to sew this closed by hand after turning if you don't want to see the stitching. I tried the machine but it didn't look right. 

Now you need to drill 2 small holes in the acorn caps - a dremel tool will do this nicely. If you don't have a dremel tool ....... well why don't you?
Now thread the ribbon ends thru the acorn cap holes using a yarn needle since it has a huge eye and can take the ribbon and tie to secure. If you don't have a yarn needle ........... well, why don't you?

NOW you can glue those fabric balls into the cap, sew a button on the top of the magnet bag and look at all of that acorn cuteness. I like to wrap the ribbon around the button so they don't flap around and will use as a pincushion but need to make sure it is well away from my little dog. that's why the magnet as I can keep it high in a secure location.

So there you have it - 
now you can put a dremel tool and  a yarn needle on your Christmas list

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  1. Clever and cute! The squirrels will be jealous;) And you are right, I do need a dremel tool.