Friday, December 11, 2015

Fidget quilt

A fidget quilt is a small lap quilt for a person diagnosed with dementia or alzhemers. The idea is to attach things on the quilt that can keep the hands busy doing a simple repetitive thing. It's also a good conversation piece for people to be able to talk and ask questions of the patient as well.

I had made this falling charms quilt and have a co worker whose mother has been diagnosed and she has been going thru putting her in a facility and caring for her which is extremely hard. This is for her to give to her mom.


The quilt itself has an all over meander so after washing it is all nice and crinkly. That alone has a nice texture.


The back is a nice bright cheerful print. There is a metal ring attached to one corner so it could be hung up or something Sarah may want to attach that means something special to her mom. The big zipper opens nothing but is fun to open and close.


A Velcro pocket


Another pocket - with a big button


On the bottom edge and a heart on the front is a soft buttery, velvety feeling suede.


I love how this came out. This year I am not spending a lot of time making gifts for people at work like I usually do. Most of them do not appreciate the time spent on a handmade gift anyway so I am choosing to instead spend the time on one gift that I know will be loved, used and appreciated. And yes it has taken me 20 years to come to this place with no pre Christmas deadlines and stress.

I love it!


Do you get that feeling that you need to make things for everyone around Christmas time?



  1. These are so wonderful for these patients. I made a ton of them for my mom's nursing home. And unfortunately, hers disappeared and I never found it after she died.

    I hope someone is enjoying it.

  2. What a wonderful project! And yes, I always feel like I need to make at least a small gift for everyone. I'm trying to limit it to family and very close friends...

  3. No, I came to your place quite some time ago. Instead I spend my time and energy on things that matter to me. (I appreciate it!) One of those things is making fidget quilts. I've made several for patients at two local nursing homes. The patients may not be able to express their appreciation in words, but seeing their hands play and the calm come over their faces tells me all I need to know.