Friday, December 18, 2015

Puffy fabric boxes

I used to make a lot of these about 20 years ago. They take a lot of hand sewing but I like to sit with my feet up on the couch and sew - very relaxing. It's not finished yet but you can get the drift.

They are nice and puffy, being stuffed on all sides and top with fiberfill.

The sides are sewn by machine, turned and then stuffed first inserting cardboard then fiberfill.

After stuffing you sew each edge closed (see the side under the button)

Then you slip stitch each edge closed.

I may try another and figure out a way to make a tab thing for a closure.


I finally finished quilting my beach scene and have started on another. Am making a pattern for it so will do at least 3 with some variations. Wish I was on the dunes right now.

Christmas next week already - have a Happy Christmas!



  1. Oh yes! I would sit on that beach with you! Although you would probably look better in a bikini than I.

    You boxes are so interesting! I should have made a few for the gift cards I sent my brother. I need to make 10 or so for the rest of the year....sort of like planning ahead.

  2. the 3 of us and there might be an umbrella drink involved. Laughing, chatting, dozing. Yep I can see it. Maybe someday we should take a trip. LeeAnna

  3. YAY!!! who doesn't love the beach (especially in December) I can feel the sun on my face the sand on my toes and hear the quiet lapping waves...Thanks!!!!

  4. Love the unusual puffy boxes! I make flat quilted boxes! I should try some fluff! Happy Holidays!

  5. i like the boxes like yours fluffy! i make little boxes too ,look to be the same size out of 3" tiles, painted and quilted from coffee filters and fabrics and beads. i call then magic boxes. the tab on front end to lift lid is often the remaining earring from a former pair. Your beach dunes quilt is lovely and reminds me of Cape Cod!