Friday, December 25, 2015

Just another day at the beach

Finished my second beach scene. Each time I see something I soil change if it wasn't fused and sewn down solid and since it is, it's staying put :-)

The sailboats are to dark for my liking. I think I used a purple but should have lighter. The rest I love. Especially the sky. Letting the fabric do the hard work again ;-)


These thin grasses frayed while quilting but I just went over them with a lot of thread. Again I learned that this might be better with a darker thread. Next time doing that. Being to lazy to change my thread for the fence posts, I see I will need to color over it with a dark marker. And that's ok, it will work.



I hope you all are having a Happy Christmas if you celebrate and if you don't - Happy Friday! I hope you have day off and do something special. For those of you that are on Twitter or Instagram some of us who quilt and tweet will be sewing and sharing tomorrow on Boxing Day with #BDSI

Join us - sort of like a virtual quilting bee.



  1. I actually like the darkness of the boats against the light sky. It is a dramatic moment, drawing the eye to the boats. Sailing, a voyage, maybe to see penguins! LOL......

  2. since I am just viewing not working on it, I think it's great. I wouldn't change a thing. I like fraying on organic subjects though. And a hint of tulle overlay would soften the sailboats. LeeAnna