Friday, January 1, 2016

Flying in the new year

I'm making birds on this New Year's Eve. Quilting the background now and this guy is a hermit thrush so will need to put some blotches on his breast area. Not sure how yet and I probably should have done that before I spent a lot of time quilting in case I screw it up, which is entirely possible but, oh well . That's how I roll.
Do you like the lichen on the branch? I drew it out and made the brown branch smooth and used freezer paper for the template and turned under the edges. No glue. Then used fusible on the lichen since it's all jaggedy. That way there isn't as much glue and is easier to quilt. I really don't like two layers of fusible.
And here is another one being fused together on the parchment paper. This way if I do screw up the first one there will be another to try something else :-)
In the foreground is a postcard in the making. A cairns one, of course.

Here is a photo of Zu Zu and the sweet Summer today. We finally got some snow - about 5 inches although a lot of it melted already. They had fun running around in it.
I hope you all have a Happy New Year! I'm working New Year's Day so will not see the ball drop. If I stayed up to see it, then you would see Carol drop about half way thru the day on Friday - lol!

update on the blotches - I used watercolor pencil and aloe gel but not really liking it much.
on the left it's wet and on the right dry from this morning.



  1. Your little bird really made me smile. A good way to start my New Year's Day. Happy New Year!

  2. What a friendly little winged creature to welcome in the New Year.

  3. hi zuzu and summer. It's colder here today too. Cole