Friday, January 29, 2016

Eggs hatched

The goal is to make a birds nest and I'm "winging it" as I go along.


Here's the drawing - see the blue egg!


I made it like I do the rocks - one layer of heavy interfacing like peltex, then two layers of batting. On these more fiberfill was crunched in there also.


Running stitch all around, gather and pull all the sides in to secure.


Here's the front. I may try to speckle them with paint. Hermit thrush is the state bird of Vermont so I want to make the nest of them. Thrush nest on the ground or hidden in bushes and their eggs are light blue with speckles. I hope to build the nest part with "nest like" items. Figure if I can sew threw it then it's fair game.

Stay tuned, I have some ideas that may involve

This (from a pleated lampshade)


Or this bit of house insulation I picked up the other day walking past a construction zone.

This will be fun and most "eggselent" !

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)



  1. What a great post! First the explanation of how you created you egg and next a teaser about how you might proceed.

  2. What a great way to make an egg, I also see rocks made that way.

  3. lampshade quilting! I can't wait :)

  4. What a precious egg. Check to see what the insulation is made of before you start cutting it up just in case it may have toxic or sharp fibers.