Friday, January 15, 2016

Bomber hat

It gets cold here in Vermont although this year has been usually warm, it still get down there and since I love to take dog walks even in the cold, I need gear. I've bought the hats with the ear flaps but they are always to small so when I saw a coworkers bomber hat made of knit and fleece a lightbulb went off.

I can make that!

I took an old sweater that had shrunk in the wash and doesn't fit anymore to use for the knit part.

(You didn't think I was actually going to take the time to knit did you?)

Found a free pattern online which by the way was terribly written. The pattern pieces didn't tell you to cut on folds, one piece was missing. Really? There are only 5 pieces and you miss one? Anyway, I figured it out.

Since the sweater could be a pain in the ass challenging to work with, I took the time to first cut out the pattern pieces (bigger than the pattern to fit my fat large head) from regular fabric for a foundation to stabilize. That worked really well.


I won't go into detail on how to make it but if you have made lined tote bags you will get the construction process easy. This is the outside. Then you make a lining the same - I used a shearling type fabric.

Then you turn.

Zu Zu wanted to help and kept eyeing this new chew toy that she thinks I am making for her.

It actually worked!


Side view - this puppy is going to be warm!


Although the front flap falls in my face.


Problem solved - just call me Carol Kardashian the Vermont fashionista - lol!



  1. Hey....what's more important....staying warm or being able to see where you are going. Lol! Great you can do both

  2. Wow! You impressed me with your ability to figure out badly written patterns. The experience will be helpful when I finally write my epic pattern book.

  3. awesome. I know for sure Cole would like it, to eat. It looks warm, like it might keep my ears warm which are seldom warm walking in the winter. It's finally snowing in MD instead of rain. We got in a good walk this morning. LeeAnna

  4. What an awesome hat. It reminds me of hard hat winter liners except yours is prettier. I remember a cold spell here in the 1990's that we had bitter cold weather for three weeks. I wore one of the liners everywhere. It was navy duck cotton with a shearing liner. It wasn't a fashion statement, but it sure kept my ears warm! I wish I would have kept mine.