Friday, January 8, 2016

Facing tabs : word of the year

Instead of a New Years resolution I like to pick a word to try to incorporate into my life. The word for 2016 is develop. I would like to develop my skills in my creative life as well as relationships and health, mind and body. It all sounds good bit as you know, the creative part is fun and therefore easy , as to the last bits. Well I will try.

I wanted to be able to hang my hermit thrush art quilt from a branch. That means making tabs or fabric loops to go around the branch. I also wanted a facing and for once I actually thought about the hanging before the edge finish (binding or facing). See! I'm developing my finishing skills!

So first I made two "tubes" or tabs by cutting 2 pieces of fabric about 4" wide and 6" long. Sew right sides together. Turn inside out and press. Fold in half. I like to sew on the sides of my facings first, so after that and pressing, folding back and pinning the sides. I lay the tabs on top, raw edges out. Pin.

Now simply lay the top facing and sew as usual.

I have a tutorial on how I do facing sight here on the blog in case you want to see the whole process.


It worked like a charm! I need a better branch. Something lichen covered would be cool. It has to be straight though which is easier said than done in the branch world. This will be my "quest" for my next walk in the woods. Which will be today sometime as soon as it gets to at least 20 degrees.

I'm going to do all my future bird quilts this way.

Do you have a word of the year?


  1. Oh! Develop is a good word. My word for this year is power.

  2. great word choice. I am still working on mine. As it goes right now it might be "forgive". Not really.....well maybe.

  3. what an absolutely PERFECT way to display your lovely birds!

  4. i like your tabs for hanging bird quilt...maybe bird is the word....or finishing fine. i have a hard time with just one word so i haven't picked yet..

  5. it's that day to day trying that makes a life...