Wednesday, January 27, 2016

still drawing

 this was fun, making all that lovely long hair

Donut - it's amazing how much we don't even see every day.
how many times have I looked at a donut and when I think of it (when I started to draw it from memory) I just think of a circle with a hole. 
But when you draw something you really look at it. notice the inside hole isn't just dark. See that little inside light ring? The inside is dark dark, light, medium dark then light again. And then the front is alittle jagged and goes in alittle. 

My donut drawing isn't all that great but I just wanted to point out that drawing a simple object can really be rewarding and you can learn alot.

I'll say good bye now - for some reason I have this irresistable craving for a donut


  1. OMG.....a new donut shop just opened up near here, it has those fancy wacky donuts like maple bacon, kit kat bars shoved inside, strwberry cheese cake......yes, I know them by heart.

    I admire your for drawing each day. I really have no skill at drawing. Maybe if I tried taking a class.....

  2. I made a quilt a bit like your lady drawing. I wonder if I ever posted it... maybe I'll unearth it and post a picture. LeeAnna