Friday, November 20, 2015

A bunch of WIP

The only thing finished is a sketchbook cover


Nothing fancy but I do love the fabric


Started quilting the brightly colored baby size quilt. I found an electric yellow thread that works perfectly and am just doing a meander all over.


Slowly putting together a disapearing 9 patch in flannel. This will take awhile. I cut it out like two years ago then put it away. I'll work it for awhile then probablly put it away again.


This is going to be a beach scene


This will be a snowman tote bag. It's cut out and am following a craftsy class instruction.


Last but not least, another blackbird but see how the fusible shows thru on the moon?

Don't like it.


So I took out my inktense pencils and aloe gel to cover and blend. This is wet still.

Stay tuned next week to see how it came out :-)

Next week is thanksgiving already! I hope you are spending the day with someone you love.

I heard a story on the npr show on point yesterday about a documentary being shown on November 24th and again on thanksgiving about the real story and history of the pilgrims. We think of pilgrims as being those people in the brown plain clothing all happy eating turkey. In reality it was a horrible time for them and for the poor Indians whose land they stole. I'm looking forward to watching and I hope you can too. I think it's on the show American experience.




  1. I have never heard of using aloe gel to blend Inktense. Why is it used instead of water?

  2. Works in progress are such good things to have starting each day from scratch!!

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