Friday, September 18, 2015

Flying over mountains last week


I haven't paper pieced in years and now I remember why. I wanted to participate in a swap type thing on Facebook so decided to give it a try.

This is my first attempt - see the propellers are to small and I had to add some chunks to fill in on the right. Then when I measured it was 1/2" to small :-/ but I did it again using huge chunks of fabric and cutting it down as I went and it came out ok. Not my forte but I'm glad I conquered the challenge.


Now on to the fun stuff! Back to my roots with a mountain landscape.

Should I put rocks on the left! Does it look unbalanced to you?

I started this last week and am finished except that last adding rocks part, if you think I need it.

Enjoyed making that one so much I started another. These are easy to do and enables me to play with my stash which is my favorite thing to do:-)
We are having a stretch of ridiculously gorgous sunny, low 80's, low humidity weather right now so I'm off for a hike and a swim -
Have a great week and get outside!






  1. I think it looks perfect! That dark brown piece on the left balances the rocks on the right and leads the eye to the mountain top. LOVE the sky!

  2. You certainly can piece landscapes easier than you do planes to fly over the mountains! I love Paper Piecing. One f my to do projects is an airplane quilt.

    Than piece you used for the lake is gorgeous. It really makes the scene come alive!

  3. Rocks on the left may make the piece feel to symmetrical. However, with just rocks on the right it feels a little unbalanced to me. Since you love playing with your stash how about trying other features on the left, such as small shrub or a close up branch. Landscapes are truly your forte.

  4. I like the piece with the rocks on the right and don't think you need anything on the left--the stitching on the mountain's left side draws your eye to that side perfectly.