Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sun printing

Sun printing is always fun. You never know what your going to get and may never use what you make who doesn't like playing with paint and leaves?

In case you don't know how - this is what you do


Pin the corners of your washed fabric to a piece of styrofoam or you could tape it to cardboard - something flat that you can carry outside. Spray it down with water.


Blob out your fabric paints (I use setacolor but any will do) add a little water if you like or don't.


Paint it onto the fabric. I would not use black again but I had a lot of it to use up and was going for a night sky thing. Hindsight, should have used dark blue. - oh well :-)


I even tried adding yellow to jazz it up but the black just overwhelmed it.


But anyway, you go out a grab some leaves or flowers and lay them on the fabric.

On this there is bee balm, queens Ann lace and ragweed

You set it out in the sun to dry.


Take off the foliage and surprise!

I like how the bee balm flowers came out although I still don't like the black.


So I tried green


Hmmmmmmm ?
What would you do with it?



  1. I ADORE the black! I love the way those flowers look like crystals! Your prints are so sharp, the last ones I did were pretty fuzzy. But you could still tell what the thingys were.

    I love sunprints. I may have to go dig up a watch and dismantle it. Too bad I don't have a HUGE clock with some nice rusty gears laying around here, huh?

  2. Beautiful prints. I think I like the black best.

  3. They both look terrific, I had no idea of this process, I am definitely giving this a go.