Friday, December 13, 2013


I'm just finishing the binding of Gretzky who is my boss's dog. She and I share a major love for our dogs.


Remember Jake from last week! I ended up using pastel fabric crayons to even him up.


This is a photo of Gretzky ( I know, what a name - poor dog. They love hockey)


Here he is traced and outlined with black thread.


Background filler quilted - I'm using colored pencils like Lorna Jenkins on him.



More shading

The pencils are good to use because the color is put on lightly so you can be fearless and if you screw it up it's not to hard to cover it or lighten it and you can go slow and easy. With paint, once it's down it's down.

Check the top finished photo again to see the last step of added whiskers. After the binding I will add a tag with his name on it. I really like how he came out - yay!



My mom gave me this wonderful quilt top already basted and backed. I just have to quilt it, so this morning I started on it and am practicing free motion quilting fillers with it. This quilt is perfect for practice since it's all rectangles, big and small. Isn't this quilt beautiful?

Thank you mom!

All of the practice fillers are Leah Days designs so maybe I will link up to her free motion Friday .


  1. Amazing drawing/coloring and the FMQ really sets it off.

  2. I think Gretsky is a great name, you got the personality into the portrait, great job.

  3. Hi, Carol. You caught the expressions so well on these pieces. They're endearing. Have a happy holiday season with your loved ones!
    best, nadia

  4. Both are so wonderful, you certainly have a talent. You must have painted before you quilted. I dont have art training so it has always been so difficult for me to have mine look like yours. (I wish I had a Star Trek transporter).