Saturday, December 14, 2013

Quick neck warmer revised

I'm at it again with the neck warmer's. This one I used a cranberry boulce fabric. Anything that stretches alittle works - fleece, anything knit and yes, the dreaded polyester - but it works :-)

This one is clearer with the directions. You can whip one of these up in less than an hour, makes a quick gift for those living in winter climates. I like them because you can cover your lower face when the wind blows. Today it's only gotten up to 5 degrees - believe me I wore it today!

I have a fairly big head and this fits me snugly. The 23" is the head so add or subtract for smaller or larger.

After sewing right sides together, turn inside out.


Find the middle


Turn half of it inside


Like this


So you have a tube with both having right sides showing, raw edges at the bottom.


Match up the seam and pin


Pin all around hemming the raw edges inside and sew.



Wear it like this


Or like this for that bone chilling cold wind chill - brrrrrrrr!


  1. Or when you're trying to steal completed quilt tops...

    Looks very toasty. Could use one of those around here today!