Friday, September 12, 2014

Making cold and ice

The creative prompt for this piece is cold


The inspiration photo is this poor little guy

I'm having some issues here though - his little beak is showing the under part so he is looking up and the face just doesn't look right. I think I have the eyes to high.


I like the snow on the branches but wanted ice. So last night I tried my glue gun. This is a branch sample I am using, good thing because my glue gun had a wood glue stick in it and those are yellow. Looks like toxic ice! But I could see where it might work with the clear glue. You can see in the second photo where this morning I took my mini glue gun which already had a regular glue stick and tried the ice. Not bad but I think a bigger blob of glue would be better. And less snow. Maybe try doing the ice first then dab on alittle snow.

(Sigh) work in progress for sure

I will finish this, it's only 8"x10" but will take what I learned and try another making the adjustments.

Anyone have any suggestions on the face? Or the ice? I would love any input or ideas you have.

I'm linking up to Nina's off the wall and you all are very talented art quilters there so I'm sure someone can point me in the right direction ;-)

I'll keep you posted :-)

Update - I couldn't take looking at that poor broken beak any longer so I hacked off a chunk of already fused fabric and stuck in down. Yes, better. And used my big glue gun with a clear glue stick - voila! Ice!




  1. Beak looks better; head looks too flat and wide--but I haven't looked too closely at robins lately.

  2. The glue gun is an interesting idea, it achieved the effect that you wanted. You'll have to be careful if you ever want to iron this piece. The robin is adorable.

  3. Somehow you fell off my blog list. I added you back and saw this great biird and the glue gun ice! What a great idea! You are so totally creative!

    Sorry about losing you! I did miss you.....