Thursday, May 29, 2014

Overlook bench

My last bench quilt was ok but it didn't have enough contrast between the bench and background for my taste. With the owl you at least have a focal point but the bench was meant to be "the star"

So this time I made the bench first, fusing it together on parchment paper. Did you know parchment paper works just as well as the appliqué pressing sheets they sell? Save your money and buy fabric with it.


Sorry this is sideways but you get the drift.


Then found in my stash something for the background. I tried to keep it simple and believe me simple is hard for me but I like how this came out..


Speaking of sailboats, I saw the first one of the season today on my walk at red rocks park on Lake Champlain - dare I say it? Summer is here!

And yes, this may be a quilt soon


And this

Aaaah, so many quilts, so little time :-)



  1. Definitely like the increased contrast in the second bench. And what a fabulous grass fabric! I also really like the sailboats in the background- they add a great sense of depth without too much complication. Lovely!

  2. The bench is just waiting for you to walk into the picture and sit down. Lovely!

  3. I love benches - the first one looks like a picture that my daughter took at my parents cabin. I agree that value makes a huge difference - tip of the day - decide what is your focal point is - then make sure that there is high contrast value around it - it will bring your eye right to that point and now everyone knows what you think is important in the piece (I"m writing this too for me today! gotta make sure there is enough contrast around my focal point too!)