Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bench in the woods

Ok, so this is the original inspiration photo for the quilt I'm working on - thank you Nina, yes I lifted it from your blog. It's the one your daughter took I think . I love it.

And yes, what I've ended up with is not that close but it's just the inspiration - ;-D

The bench was easy, just reverse, trace and fuse


But the background - a different story - I tried this - eh



Reversed it - nah



And this, to dark and busy


Let's try something other than batiks - what!!! Blasphemy!

(But it just might work)

Maybe if I add some trees - hmmmmm, yes

So I've added and moved and built. It is now fused down so like it or leave it at this point. I think the bench blends in to much but we will see what quilting does. If I use a dark green thread to outline the bench and do the rest in a lighter blend in tone?

Stay tuned :-)



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  1. what no comment?! This is fun, I love stones, and your inspiration. I liked seeing some of your choices too. Don't you just want to hear how people make choices? I do. It's a hard part of the process, choosing the background. It does blend, and threads will help. Look at the original pic, the bench has a lot more contrast between light and dark.
    LeeAnna Paylor Not Afraid of Color!