Friday, September 26, 2014


Fall is upon us! Love the cooler but yet comfortable weather. Perfect for walking in the woods which is my favorite thing to do (next to playing with fabric of course). The acorns are really abundant this year so I started acting like a squirrel and collected a bunch.

I used my easy easy landscape pattern moon over the mountains to make a little art quilt.

I then painted a 9" by 12" stretched canvas with a reddish maroon, let it dry and added a gold tannish color.

Then got out the old glue gun and glued my acorns and a few other goodies picked up in the woods.

Hint: with acorns the caps usually fall off when they dry so glue the caps onto the body of the acorn first.

I printed out the word reflection on a tan paper then used modge podge to put on the canvas.

This idea of using the stretched canvas brings these small art quilts to a whole new level.

To attach the quilt to the canvas I'm still experimenting. I've tried heavy duty Velcro which worked great but it can get expensive if you make a few of these. This one, since I had the glue gun out anyway I used that and it seems to hold fine. I read somewhere that someone sewed it on by hand. I think I'll try the next one that way and see how it goes.

Have you ever mounted an art quilt on stretched canvas?

What method do you use?


Enjoy the fall!



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  1. Fascinating! It never would have occurred to me to glue acorns to a mixed media fiber art piece. I did find a perfect maple seed pod this morning. When I inspected it close up I realized it looked just like a rabbit's face with long floppy ears and wondered how I could incorporate that into my mixed media work. Your blog is another nudge saying just do it.