Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Overlook bench

I haven't posted much about my bench quilts because I wanted to wait until I finished the pattern and for me making a pattern is a long process since the first one is usually done on a whim. Sometimes I realize, well maybe someone else could take this basic pattern and make it their own. This is such a pattern / idea. I think an art quilt should be personal to the maker and so the bench here is the spring board.


One of my favorite places is a trail thru the woods in a town park here and I came upon this bench that has the names of a couple with dates of birth and death. I assume they loved to walk these trails as I do.

I thought this as truly beautiful.


My favorite part of this trail is when you come upon this overlook of the lake.


So I put my bench there.

I also love the ocean and Maine so the next one was there on top of a sand dune.


Sit down for awhile to pause and reflect


And who doesn't love a midnight stroll on a hot summers night?


Where would you put your bench?


You can find this pattern on craftsy

Or etsy





  1. These are beautiful. You do such a lovely job on landscape quilts!

  2. Gorgeous. Really simple imagery, beautiful lines, great color. Love these!