Friday, October 10, 2014

Stitch and slash

I purchased Carol Ann Waugh's craftsy class called stitch and slash and am really enjoying it. It's a different technique and I am all about different and trying new things. The class goes on sale for $20 often so wait for the sale if you want to try it. I'm finding it very fun. Here's what I've done so far.


This is a small block I did last week to test the waters


Added some borders and still have to bat, back and quilt but I have no idea what I'm going to do with it so in the UFO pile it goes for now. I started another one last night and took pictures along the way so you can get an idea of what is happening.


You take 4 different fabrics and stack them. The class will give you the how's and why's. Then on the top draw out a design of your choice. It's leaf peeping time here so thus a leaf.


You then sew along those lines.


Then using a seam ripper, you slash away around those lines. Here's the first layer gone.


Taking away the next layer



Now I'm down to last layer and will next add some couched yarns to cover the stitching. Doesn't look very good now but still more to go yet - stay tuned

I'll do another post with the progress. Now the fabrics I am using here are some challis and rayon mixes that I wouldn't normally use for quilting but I wanted to see how they do with this. I have them in my stash to make a blouse or jacket but let's face - that isn't going to happen so I might as well use it.


The only issue I'm having is the thinner fabric is really easy to slash all the way thru which isn't that big of a deal on the top layers but I did this 3 times on the bottom layer so had to hand stitch it together. It all gets FMQ ed down anyway and it's near the edge so it probably won't show.


Another reason I used the challis stuff I wanted to get rid of use up is you end up with a lot of waste ........ I hate to waste fabric - what can I use this for! In the class she shows you how to make more fabric out of the leftovers.

Any suggestions?

I wonder if the edged will melt?


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  1. I have never done this but I love it! you are right about those "ain't never gonna happen" fabrics! I inherited a numb er of them from my mother. And we get a lot of them as fabric donation for our auction. Stuff traditional quilters don't want.

    Love your peace and love the leaf! Hey, I bet the edges WILL melt! LOL