Saturday, December 13, 2014

Questions and answers

I just read Glen's quilts and dogs blog and she says I am following her in a series of art blogs and she tagged me. I think I'm supposed to answer some questions - so here goes

What are you working on now?

Yesterday I started a fairly large landscape. My friend and colleague where I work is a young man from Bhutan / Nepal. He and his family came here as refugees and they just recently purchased a house so I wanted to make him an art quilt of mountains that looked like Nepal. I googled a photo and so far have the mountains. The snow covered ones in the back started out as a darkish sky blue and I stipples white paint on them to look like far away snow covered peaks. I have to do the left side which will be terraced hillside like they do in Nepal. The people there have to farm that way since there is no flat land.

This is the line drawing that I'm working from. I take this, then reverse it and trace all the pieces onto freezer paper, iron to the back of batik fabrics, turn under the edges, iron and then put it back together like a puzzle. It is then appliqued down by machine with invisible thread. Later after all elements are added I will layer batting and a backing and quilt it with decorative thread adding more details and texture with the quilting. I may add embellishments later. All those decisions are made as I go.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I believe we are all unique so our art is also unique to each individual. I make art first and foremost for my enjoyment and to my liking. If I don't like making something ......... Well it's not worth doing.

Why do I create what I do?

I love a challenge. When I see a photo or am in a situation that I find beautiful I want to see if I can interpret that image into fabric. I've heard people say, well why don't you just take photo? Ahhh, the photo is only the beginning! The challenge is to take that photo and use beautiful batiks and add wonderful texture and design. I want you to see my quilt from across the room and want to go over and touch it and take a closer look.

God, I do so love what I do and I just hope others can find their own passion for creating whatever they find that works for them.

I hope you have found yours ;-)

This afternoon I finished this little Christmas postcard - I want to wish you all much Joy and hope you can play like a dog in the coming New Year ;-)


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  1. Your Nepal landscape s wonderful! I do so enjoy your work, and seeing the very interesting those feet! LOL. I just loved those feet1