Friday, February 12, 2016

White Raven

According to the legend of the Raven from my last post here. It all started with a white Raven.
I already had the pattern made for the black one so reversed it so they can look at each other.
I decided to make up the pattern and a tutorial to sell so have been taking pictures along the way.
Here are a few

The bird is all fusible but by cutting out the insides it feels and quilts better. The first time I labeled all the pieces in the middle then cut them all out so I couldn't see them. Now I mark close to the edge.


I lay the placement guide (the drawing full size) down, then parchment paper over that and can build the bird on the parchment and can see thru it to know where to put each piece. It comes together pretty easy actually.


Lots of quilting - here's the back


The words moon, sun,stars,fire and water are quilted in the sky.

I have the pattern done so now will make one more using the final draft of the pattern to make sure it's right.

Stay tuned. - hopefully I will have another Raven to show you made by a published pattern!

Stay warm this week end - around here it's supposed to be 40 below with the wind chill this week end.

We are finally getting our winter



  1. your birds are incredible. Your quilting is beautiful. So even and perfect.

    I love them both.

  2. I liked your black raven and I like this one, too. Thanks for the tutorial. That's a good idea to cut out the center of the fusible so it doesn't get too stiff.

  3. The eye is wonderful and full of character!
    Sandy in the UK

  4. The Raven is so beautiful! The quilting is perfection. I hope the pattern comes out alright for you...I know how time-consuming patterning can be, but this will be worth it. Stunning.