Friday, May 27, 2016

Inspiration photos


It's been a busy week so not much to show quilt wise. So will share a couple of photos that I took recently.

I had to say goodbye to my Collie dog Abby this past week hwho was to the point that she couldn't walk and was in pain so I hope she is now running with glee through a field of grass and dandelions. She was a sweet girl.


The good news is that a relationship I have been in for way to many years has finally ended and he has moved out! Yippee! I can now unfurl my wings and enjoy my house and do what I want. It feels great!


I am now the lawn mower and weed wacker and have learned that dandelions grow faster than the speed of light - pretty things that they are.

I hope you enjoy the holiday week end - here it's supposed to be very hot and humid which I hate but I will leave you with this "cooling" photo of a glacier someone posted on Twitter that Really caught my eye.



  1. That is a lovely image you have of your sweet Abby. I hope she's not allergic to those dandelions. 8-)) Your photos are lovely, Carol. I raise my coffee mug to your autonomy and all the lawn mowing that comes with it. ¡Salud!

  2. So sorry about your collie. We put down several collies and they were wonderful pets. We rescued a border collie-Aussie mix and are enjoying her now. Love the photos.

  3. I am so sorry about Abby. I know the miles and miles you two have walked together. And I know relationships are hard to end. Regardless of the circumstances.

    Know that my thoughts are with you in both.

    PS...McGee says he can be there in a few days if you need anything destroyed

  4. Sorry for the loss of your dog...the 'room mate' not so much! HA Well, I don't know either of you but if you're happy that's what counts! Enjoy your freedom!!! And Tru Green is great at getting rid of those weeds! HA And they go home after they take care of the lawn so you can do what you want! HA

  5. I hurt for you to hear about your loss of Abby. I think grieving our pets is worse sometimes than people because of their unconditional love. I'm sure she's found a sunny spot to enjoy wit the other dogs who've gone before her.

    As for the other loss, or not, two big changes at once can take some getting used to. Enjoy your new freedom, and shed the old skin. You will come out a whole new person with a fresh perspective. Can't wait to see how you express this.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

    P.S. And you could come play at my studio any old time.