Thursday, June 9, 2016

WIP 6/9

I took that landscape seasons row quilt that was not playing nice off the shelf and adjusted things.


I'm liking it much better now.


I'm almost finished quilting it.


Since I need to have at least two projects going at the same time, I started an osprey. Here is the pattern.


This is as far as I got so far. I love that beak fabric!

Do you like to have numerous projects going at once or are you monogamous with your quilting?

I guess I'm a quilting slut because I jump from one to the other without a second look back ;-)

For the last two years I've had my eye out for my favorite mushroom in the woods and on today's hike I came across the mother load! Oyster mushrooms! I just cooked some - sooooo good!



  1. Quilting Slut here! And proud of it!

    Your landscape year is amazing. I always think you have made the best stuff and it can't get any better, and then you do this.

    And the eagle. Yes, love that beak fabric. Perfect, just perfect!

  2. Your Seasons landscape is just lovely...hugs, Julierose

  3. Hi Carol, your season landscape is lovely and those oyster mushrooms look so yummy....and I'm totally a quilting slut - and it seems to be getting worse as time goes by :-)

  4. I love your landscape seasons quilt and that format.
    Only two? really? I have numerous projects going at once all the time!!! Oyster mushroom are divine just sauteed in butter and an arm and a leg at the grocery!!!

  5. I'm so glad you and the landscape quilt finally made up! It looks happy, hope you're happy with it too))
    The mushrooms are mouth-watering...

  6. Yum! Your mushrooms look delicious. I would probably eat some kind of poisonous mushroom if my identification was necessary, so I'll have to stick to the supermarket. I understand the need to have multiple projects going, except two would be really paring it down. What would that make me? I shudder to think.