Friday, July 8, 2016

Cardinal art quilt

Meet Carl - he lives in my backyard and sings to me a lot . Or maybe he is yelling at my dogs as he thinks it is his backyard. His mate is not as vocal and she demurely sits in the background while Carl flies around getting all worked up when someone comes in his yard. Mrs.Carl is not red but a sophisticated brownish olive color. She does sport the red beak, a girl has to have a splash of color to make her look complete.


I haven't finished putting the facing finish or sleeve on but thanks to the miracle of cropping I can still show Carl as a finish to you this week. Speaking of facing, I am doing them a new way which is really simple although not new. Really you could call it the "old fashioned way" but it works! The old way I was doing them left the corners to "pointy". I made a tutorial here on the blog as a separate page if you are interested.


I've started on a landscape using this beautiful background. A lot of people don't like brown but it's one of my favorite colors. Granted it's a bit weird to have browns as a sky and water but think foggy morning light.

I drew it out just the right size to use some of the gorgeous fat quarter sky/water fabrics I bought at the quilt show a couple weeks ago. I'm sure you will be seeing variations of this in the weeks to come.

Hope you are enjoying the summer, it's getting hot and humid here in Vermont and I hate it. How do you people in the south handle it? Yesterday I went to Lake Champlain and the water was turning green and there was foam like suds all along the shore. Combination of heat and way to many tourists in boats. I make my living from the tourist dollar so I guess we need them but ............ What a price to pay :-/

Ok, enough ranting - have a great week!



  1. Great the way you captured the eye!

  2. Carl's eye is amazing! That brown really works for that quilt, coveys what you want it to.

  3. You are the Bird Master! (bowing in deference!)

    I, too, like brown. I was really surprised to hear people say they hated brown! Eh, I guess that is why we get along so well! Can't wait to see what this turns out to be!

  4. Carl is amazing! You captured him perfectly. It's almost like looking at an enlargement of a photograph.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,