Friday, December 16, 2016

Pillow for I pad / tablet stand

I realized that the phone pillows I talked about last week actually work just as well, if not better as an I pad pillow or a tablet stand - how cool is that! Since a lot of my Netflix and PBS watching is done on my I pad this is perfect for me. I am making a few for gifts for some co workers as well. See my post from last week for a tutorial on how to make them and a link to the original tutorial that I am using. It's a quick project.
Like a lot of the country we here in Vermont are getting a cold snap. When I got up this morning it was -1. Now it's 10:30 and it's -2. I'm not whining mind you, I have the day off, gas fireplace blazing warmth into the room, lots of sewing to do and a good excuse not to go out - bring it on old man winter!

Art by Mother Nature




  1. a high of minus two?? Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!
    The pillow idea is just grand. Very creative

  2. These are so cute. I'm off to see your tutorial. Thanks.