Friday, June 29, 2018

Daily leaf continues

Tried making shadows on my leaves. Not great but not bad either

And finished a composition notebook cover. This I love how it came out. I know I keep saying how much I enjoy making book covers but it is so gratifying and each one is different. Plus relatively quick. 

I’m preparing myself for the 100 degree heat wave that’s coming. Not looking forward to it at all. No outside activity so the only good thing is that I will have more time to sew since there won’t be any dog walks for a week. 😩🐶

1 comment:

  1. Darn. Darn darn. I love your shadows. I took a class called making shadows for under your leaves that would have been perfect for this. I’ll be willing to bet my notes are in some landfill now since the flood and being all Microbial and stuff. The best leaves if I remember were copies of that outer edge and were a shade of grey that could range into blue or black depending on the light in the piece. We worked with the pereiceved light source to test the shadow too, it was a great class.