Thursday, January 2, 2014

When to call it done?

Spring is my dog Summer's sister. She was just adopted my a woman that lives not far from me and of course I wanted to try a quilt of this beautiful girl. I'm not thrilled about how it came out but I am learning that when it comes to painting on fabric, it's really hard to tell when to quit.

I'm using the Lorna Jenkins method as in previous posts. Basic lines traced with sharpie.


After quilting the background went straight to the paint this time. This is where I probablly should have stopped, just finished the eyes.

But no! I wanted to try that beautiful longish hair on her ears area. So I drew in some hair and painted in that area with a golden color. Of course it looked wierd just on the ears so I added the gold here and there.

I decided to call her done at this point and added the textile medium over everything. To me the gold made the rest of her look pink. I don't know if I can paint over the textile medium or not to add more to cover the pink, but then I might screw up the shading which is pretty good at this point. I don't know, maybe I'm to critical - after all it's fabric art, not photography.

What do you think?

Done ........ Or keep going



  1. I've done threadpainting also and in my opinion you could do more of that. So the dog will be more "hairy". Sorry for my bad english.

  2. I also think a little more thread painting would be nice...more dimension. What textile medium do you use? Is that to sort of seal the paint? The dog is adorable!

  3. You have a cute dog :) I believe textile medium is just clear acrylic paint which is formulated to work well on fabric, and can be mixed with regular acrylic paints. I use regular artist acrylics on top of art quilts meant for hanging all the time. If you decide to, I don't know why you couldn't paint over the textile medium. You could do a test with various techniques to decide before you commit to the quilt.

  4. the shading is fabulous. I think you could add more thread painting as well. So count me in that vote. I am going to be looking for your critique when i get that challenge piece for the River City Guild going in the next few days You are so accomplished in threadpainting, I am just a bit apprehensive! LOL!

    Spring is looking fabulous. I love the paint shading you have done. that is my true weakness. I need a basic art course.....

  5. browns do go pink... odd huh? I have noticed that before. I love my prismacolor pencils for adding subtle shading. Use the sides of the lead, light hand...
    LeeAnna Paylor