Friday, January 31, 2014

Lake Sacandaga quilt finish / building a barn

Finished the Lake quilt and someone wanted me to make a quilt of lake Sacandaga in the Adirondacks. When I googled it to see some images, I see it is just like the lake I am making! She loves it and is buying it so that worked out nicely. She also wants a barn quilt and so I went looking for public domain barn images.


This really appeals to me, so I printed in black and white, enlarged 200%, traced the outlines with a sharpie and used that as a pattern.


I didn't have any barn red fabric big enough but did have some Christmas fabric that had gold dots but the back is plain Christmas red. Aha! I can work with this! Mixed up some acrylic paint with water and slapped it on with a big ol' paintbrush after wetting and twisting the fabric. Most of the paint just absorbed and I had to do this a couple of times adjusting and adding more paint but finally came up with this. Still red but not so in your face Christmas red. It is a red barn after all.


So then referring to my master sharpie drawn pattern, I used my trusty chalk pencil (Fons and porter make a good one that is just like a pen) and drew out the wood plank lines on the barn wall. Thought it would be easier to quilt this before adding the windows. But did have to make where the windows and door go.


Sorta looks like the side of a barn.


Adding the fusible parts leaving the windowpane and door hinges for later.



Now I'm quilting the stone wall. Started with a dark grey but it didn't show up. You can see the difference between that and the black. Much better.

This "barn raising" is fun since I'm making things up as I go along.

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  1. Thank you! What a great finish and progress!

  2. I think the elements you added to the beach at the bottom finished it perfectly.

  3. you did a fabulous job on that lake. It is so perfect looking in perspective. I am struggling with that in my own.

    The BARN is amazing! I am dying to make barns by free piecing but yours makes me want to do that! So youjust use acrylic paint? Like ceramacoat? or a fabric paint.

    Another thing I just realized too.......are you using your long arm to do these small pieces? I had not thought about that........

    You just expanded my world!

  4. Your lake quilt is gorgeous, I love how the little girl and dog are sitting at the end of the pier.