Friday, January 24, 2014

Sochi squirrel




I finished and posted this cute squirrel on a snowboard pattern and tutorial for sale on craftsy.

Go here if you're interested in a PDF download - $5.00

I know you want to make one :-)

It also includes an owl - has detailed tutorial with 20 plus photos so a beginner can easily do this. You will need to free motion quilt so would have to know how to do that but also good for a beginner FMQ.


With that done - on to my Lake George landscape

This past fall I stopped at Sheppard park in lake George village and took this photo.

Rough sketch on paper


After tracing onto freezer paper reversed and folding under top edges and layering background. I decided to use the method I did with the Sochi squirrel and quilt the background first.


I wasn't paying attention - bummer, grab the ripper


Now adding the dock and fusible boat tying poles.


I know I want a girl and her dog, but not sure if I want to stop there or add trees or something in the foreground like rocks or bushes or ?

What would you do next?



  1. I like the idea of rocks, and also the name Lake George. We come up every year to lake placid, (pics on my blog) and I like words on a quilt. Love that it has a dog.
    Leeanna Paylor

  2. Oh oh oh! So cool! I would add trees to frame the foreground. Like just a few branches like you are looking through the branches at the lake.

    and I would make a nudie swimming in the lake! LOL