Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keepsake quilting Purple passion


This lucious medley called purple passion arrived from keepsake quilting last week


I'm making a lake scene with the same pattern I made up for the lake George one I finished a couple weeks ago with the little girl and her dog. Not sure if the girl and dog will be on this one but I really like the whole dock thing. So far I've just laid out the pieces to see if the colors work.

It needed a moon

And see that really light mountain in the middle? Just looking at it laying on the table, it didn't stand out but at this point it's always good to take a picture with my iPhone (one of my favorite quilting tools) and it stood out like a sore thumb in the photo.

So I replaced it and it looks much better.


I stopped at that point to take a walk with the dogs. It is 40 degrees and sunny today! I almost don't need a coat. I came across this snow monster taking a nap.

What are you doing with your fabric stash this week?



  1. Oh, my! An aligator it's like being in Louisiana! I like your purple lake!

  2. the smallest detail can make a big difference, right? I am in the studio trying to sort, but keep getting sidetracked with sewing! I just go with it. I found a scrap sight doing a monthly challenge with color, so that's what I hope to do today. Pink scraps for Feb. And walk with poodle around the snowbergs.