Friday, January 9, 2015

Ausable point

This was inspired by a morning walk at sunrise this past summer. It's been on my design wall for months almost finished. I had a hard time with the light and shadows. You can check out the early stages of Ausable Point here. I've changed it up a lot but I am done looking at it. This morning I added the "real" shell and am calling it done and putting it in my Etsy shop.


Here is a closeup of the rocks and seaweed. Sometimes I like to keep a quilt on my design wall after it's done or almost done before I do a final iron and lint roll, just so I can look at it and enjoy it. After all. Am making these first for my enjoyment and when I m done they get listed on etsy and put away on a hanger under plastic to stay clean.

I'm ready to let this one go ;-)

Now as for the Nepal quilt - it's on the wall in the enjoying and still need to add a couple things but not sure what yet stage. I've added this fence / stairs



And a couple of beads next to the house.

Do you leave your quilts hanging up for awhile?

How do you decide when ""it's done"?

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  1. Love your work. It looks like you have lots of fun.

  2. yep, a long while as I can't bear to sell them. Do yours sell fast on ETSY?
    Your pricing is good, and it's wonderful that you can let them go to a home so others can enjoy them. LeeAnna

  3. My piece is usually done when the deadline hits!!!

  4. This is lovely! I love the pinky purples and the textures in the sand and seaweed. I'm with Swissy- my pieces are usually done when the deadline is here! I do like to leave them hanging in my studio though when they're not at shows- it makes me happy to see them there. Unfortunately I'm running out of wall space...