Friday, January 23, 2015

Chickadee in progress


This mornng I quilted the background.


Pine needles

Later will quilt the chickadee. Have to decide on the thread though. Detailed fusible lighter fabrics especially really shows up the needle holes. I suppose I should take the time to change the thread color to match every little piece which would mean white, black and grey. 3 color changes for one little bird BUT I don't think I'll be happy unless I do it.


Anyone have any tips on how to avoid needle holes showing for a lazy quilter?



  1. I have often had to take my seam ripper and rip out mistakes that leave needle holes. I take the point of my seam ripper and carefully run it with the grain of the fabric over the holes and they disappear. It's tedious, but it works. I've also done this close to the holes in stitched worked, too. Just be careful not rip the threads.

  2. Just last night a friend who is a fiber art quilter said sometimes If you spritz the sewing line with water the holes will close up.

    I LOVE chickadees!!!!!

  3. Your chickadee is wonderful, as is your quilting. A lovely little piece!