Thursday, January 1, 2015


Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple. Something which is easy to understand or explain. In some uses, simplicity can be used to imply beauty, purity, or clarity.

I was listening to Quilting for the rest of us (podcast) today and she talked about picking a word for the New Year to strive for, to try to be ........ And do. In our quilting lives.

I tend to overthink everything. I worry, I fret, I obsess. While a lot of details can be good and yes very fun, in some cases to much can clutter up a quilt. So my word to live by in 2015 will be Simplicity.

Strong, clean lines make the best images and I'm not saying I will now make art quilts with just clean strong lines - no that just would not be me. I will just try to incorporate simplicity onto the chaos.

She also talked about picking something that you have wanted to do ( this is a quilting podcast so she and I are talking about something related to quilting) and make a goal for 2015 to do it. I normally hate resolutions because I never follow thru but she has a quarterly check in type of thing , plus stating it here on my blog, well maybe this will help keep me accountable and give me a push.

Ever since I read about the prayer flag project I have wanted to make some. I love the idea of making a "flag" with a meaning behind it and then hanging it outside to let the wind scatter that thought, prayer or meaning around.

So making my first prayer flag. Trying to keep it simple . The ones I've seen don't have batting but since part of the reason for making these is to practice techniques including quilting and I always use a thin batting - that's how I will make them. Maybe if I hang this up in my sewing room the air will blow the meaning and feeling of simplicity and clarity into my brain ;-)

Keeping with the simplistic theme, I finished this last night with just zig zagging around the edges and adding acorns on the top and called it done.

Ok, simple is one thing but this is better - just had to add some stuff this morning ;-)

And for my non quilty life, the word of 2015 is listen. I need to listen more and talk less.
This mug rug for my work desk will remind me.
What would your word be for 2015?



  1. Love this! Prayer flags are also on my list of things of interest--maybe next year, since I'm focusing on journal quilts this year. I can't wait to see your future flags!

  2. It's very beautiful, but I think I prefer it without the fringe.

  3. What a beautiful prayer flag. I think I'll make one for my studio, too. With my word of the year... Explore.

  4. I love it, but then again I do like simple compositions. And I like it without the fringe.