Tuesday, January 20, 2015

eco bundling

My friend Glen over at Quilts and Dogs posted about eco bundling - dying fabric out of natural stuff.
It sounded like a great idea so last night I played around alittle. 

So I took a piece of cotton that had once been a white coverlet - washed many times, and another couple of muslin pieces that looked washed and a small piece of cotton batting. I soaked them all in a little bit of soda ash and water, then laid them out flat. Then I threw on coffee (not the grounds, I figured the not yet brewed stuff would have more punch), some onion skins and a package of goya sazon seasoning.I think the sazon has tumeric in it. that's all I had in my cupboard that looked good so that's what I used. 

Then I wrapped it up in a ball and secured it with hair tyes and put it in a bin that I have in the basement to catch the slow drop from the hundred year old faucet down there. I figure a slow drip might do something cool. By the sounds of it you should leave these things for weeks so the slow drip can leach the stuff inside into the fabric. 

I want to try some more - what the heck. Now on my walks I can look for berries or anything that might transfer some color into fabric and rusty stuff!

have you ever tried this kind of thing?
I feel like a mad scientist - Ha! Ha!

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  1. I have also used avocado skins, and beets, enjoy the process!