Friday, February 20, 2015

Dyna flow review

I've had this product on the shelf for awhile and decided to try it. It says it's free flowing color that act like dye - hmmmmmm - I've been playing with a prayer flag with the word flow, so why not?

I had used a bleach pen to see what would happen in the word flow. I really like how that came out. Here it is after a day of drying. Two thumbs up on the bleach pen effect :-)

I have a jar of red,blue, yellow and white of the dyna flow - the basics from which I can really mix anything. First I applied white straight from the jar and it didn't even show up. Just melted into the fabric.

Maybe it's the white, so this is the red and yellow straight from the jar. Not liking it much.


So then I pumped a bit of aloe gel directly onto the painted area and it seemed to flow better. (Do I see a theme here?) Go with the flow I say!


Ok, time to get serious - took out my 4 jars, water and gel all safely on newspaper.



I found the best way to use this for painting anyway is to mix it with the aloe gel in a pallette type thing or in my case a peanut butter jar top. (We Vermonters feel the need to recycle and reuse everything)

So I put on a big glob of gel in the middle, red and blue on the side and mixed.

As you can see this way you can mix for different shades. Adding white to lighten the colors.

I'm liking this stuff. I just read the directions - typically after I dove in and screwed it up experimented first and it says it's good used with a resist which is something to try next.

Has anyone used dyna flow before?

How did you use it? Like it?

I'll be linking up to Nina's off the wall blog



  1. I just realized that it was you that got me onto Angela Walters website because of the video you showed last week. Thank you!!
    I've never used Dinaflow but like what you are doing with it.

  2. I like dye-na-flow very much. I only use it in places where I want it to bleed a lot, because that's what it does. I've even used it on paper as a water color paint because it's so vivid.

  3. Have it, never used it, you're making me want to take it for a whirl!

  4. I use Dye-na-Flow all the time,,, especially with silk. And GUTTA resist lines keep the flow inside what you draw with the fast drying gutta or other forms of resist. (find gutta in clear or colours like copper, silver, bronze and black at Michaels or other Art Supply stores, and the clear washes out - the colours are permanent).

    I also Dye-na-Flow for pole wrapped Shibori, with cotton or other fabrics dampened a bit with water after the tie-up. No need for soda ash as with MX dyes...lovely on cotton - rayon and silk too!

    After drying on the pole, it unfolds and just needs a heat set with the iron and a press cloth or Teflon sheet. Great results... Hope you will keep a supply of Dyna Flo on your studio shelves. Really handy when you need a quick dyed piece or special colour of cloth at a moments notice. So easy to mix custom colours.