Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bird on the rocks

Walking along a rocky beach in South Hero on Lake Champlain here in Vermont I came across this cairn that someone had put on a boulder. I knew I had to make it into a quilt someday so took a photo. So when I saw that the Vermont bird museum in Huntington was looking for fiber art I figured I could “kill two birds with one stone” (pun intended) ;-)

I added two birds that are common along the shores of the lake. The ring billed gull of course - they are everywhere. And the always entertaining spotted sandpiper who flitters about looking for food on the beaches.

Here's a close up of the sandpiper. I stitched the little spots by hand with thread. I think it's called seed stitching, very appropriate for a bird, don't you think?

And the gull looking out over the water


I need a good name for this quilt though and nothing is calling out.

Any suggestions?




  1. It looks fantastic Carol! I love the batiks you used for the rocks, and the birds look so real! You can name it South Hero Beach, or Hero Birds, or Gullstones :)))

  2. Is your sky one piece of fabric? Do you dye your own? The sunlight on the water is just perfect. BTW, I really like "Gullstones!" Thanks.....Ellen

  3. ooooh the hand stitching is effective on this little bird. I like your color too

  4. A lovely simple piece. I like what you called this post for a title, "Bird on a Rock".

  5. Love how the eye is drawn up the rocks, to the gull and then right to the gull's eye. Marvelous juxtaposition of hard and soft, still and active, warm and cool.

    Point of View comes to mind for a title.